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Hey y'all! I was fully introduced into this oily life in September 2017, and it has rocked my world! I was looking for a way to kick all the bad toxins out of our house....enter all the OILS! My home always smells great now, and it is impossible to stay in a bad mood for too long with all these happy smells all around! I am thankful for my friend who introduced me to these oils, and the blessings we have received from them. I would love to help bless you with all the oily love!

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Just a few short years ago, I wouldn't have been able to tell you about the toxins in literally everything Americans are consuming, slathering and inhaling. But today, I can tell you a little. There are definitely a million people who know more than I do but NO ONE who will teach you from right where you are today FUNLY. Know more than me already? YASSSS. Teach me what you know! I'll teach you what I know and we will have a great time doing all of it. I am particularly great at teaching you about natural living, making you laugh AND definitely REAL GOOD at helping you create abundance from what you learn. Sound fun? 

Stress Away Essential Oil 15 ml

Christmas Spirit Essential Oil 5 ml

Vetiver Essential Oil 5 ml

ningxia red 2 pack

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Lime - 3 drops Bergamot - 3 drops

happy day

Christmas Spirit - 2 drops Orange - 2 drops

christmas year round

Thieves - 3 drops Lemon - 3 drops

immunity boost

Frankincense - 3 drops Orange - 3 drops Lavender - 3 drops Cedarwood - 3 drops

sleep...like a husband

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